The Removal

It hung in a room,
In Pursuit of Beauty.
The name says it all:
Male artists, women’s bodies.
Our attention had been
It was taken down last Friday
And not replaced:
An artistic act to provoke debate.
There are other works
In the basement, too.
It’s about the stories
we tell.
Postcards will no longer
be sold in the shop.

Green woodpecker

The green woodpecker; it seems aptly named.
As green as a lime, or so it is claimed.
And incessentaly pecking at the first glimpse of dawn.
But what lovely treats lurk there on the lawn?

I feel sorry for ants, I do have to say,
Just going to work at the start of their day.
On a march to some sugar scouted in a bin,
When a flying jade-terror from the heavens swoops in.

Peck—there goes one! Peck-peck and two more,
But an ant isn’t wooden—that’s simply the law.
Who named this menace? They must make amends
For so cruelly misleading our poor insect friends.

Why should a woodpecker really peck at ants?
Surely a tree—those most woody of plants.
Or perhaps at a shed—would that be a good’n?
A little dry, maybe, but at least it is wooden.

Not that I blame our green friend in the least:
For indulging at breakfast in its acidic feast—
Just doing her thing lacking reason or rhyme,
Blameless in this nomenclatural crime.

Idea of Europe

becoming a superstate
britain’s autonomy
on sunday

aims to unify
efforts to dominate
doomed attempts

unify the continent
golden age of the romans

various people tried
it ends tragically
he said

underlying loyalty
the idea of europe
there is no single authority

Hang on to hope

failure is a national scandal
work halted because exclusion zone
work cannot continue

one blow after another
a demolition technique

standing remnants fall away
image caption
on behalf of families

the remainder
is currently considered unstable, sadly
swansea, rotherham

a national scandal
hang on to hope
now we just hope