Parking meters, door locks

parking meters, door locks
appliances, spoons
the capability
of this emerging thing
is far-reaching

as you make your way home
sms your bath a specific
amount of temperature
so the water’s lovely

on a shopping day
scan your cupboards
with your “smart watch”
a list is created for you
i think

all the while
my car is
adjusting itself
“would you like to
continue singing?”
fascinating isn’t it?

opening possibilities
that were once
thought to be

every industry
stands to benefit
from machines

with every invention
stroke discovery
the misuse
stroke abuse
is not far behind

malicious individuals
stroke groups
attack individuals
stroke companies
steal digital property
stroke commit fraud
stroke cause mayhem

researchers have uncovered
a wide-scale hack invoking
tvs and refrigerators

the benefits are extensive
with proper implementation
improve one’s business
stroke personal life

Published by James

Founded upon the observation of trifles