Do you know any 4-year olds?

statements had given the boy’s age as four
the boy who fell in
the boy who suffered minor injuries

do you know any four-year-olds?
they can climb over anything
extended sympathies to the thane

captive-born, a zoo-ed animal
protecting the boy
a unique personality

like the chicago female
daughter of sunshine
my sympathies to the thane

a shooting death of a 17-year-old
indicators of protection
he didn’t seem to be afraid

he examined
grown agitated by screaming
all sympathy to the thane

it began to drag him
image caption
he was endangered

tranqs wouldn’t have worked in time
for wild attendant risks:
i sympathise with the thane

two polar bears in a service hallway
physical barriers are not adequate
it’s not happening at the zoo

the two other females
are they allowed to see?
i feel so sorry for you

think about your companion dog
a unique personality
send sympathies to the thane

Published by James

Founded upon the observation of trifles