Thirteen wrecks lay fathoms deep
Thirteen days of broken sleep
Thirteen stairs descending still
Thirteen hollow hours to kill
Thirteen sorries left unsaid
Thirteen husks of rotten bread
Thirteen doors are closed and locked
Thirteen ticks to go untocked
Thirteen harvests turned to dust
Thirteen trinkets lost to rust
Thirteen voices in despair
Thirteen saints to hear their prayer
Another slice of humble pie?
Thirteen ways to say goodbye
Thirteen echoes in the well
Listen, then, to what they tell
Thirteen devils, thirteen doubts
Thirteen gargoyles, thirteen spouts
Thirteen figures lost in mist
Thirteen broken mirrors kissed
Thirteen bent and broken parts
Thirteen crows eat wasted hearts
Thirteen thirteen, thirteen more
Thirteen’s writ and thirteen’s law
Thirteen where the rivers run
Thirteen till the day is done

Published by James

Founded upon the observation of trifles