The walk to Greenstead Green

We skipped breakfast and headed out for Greenstead Green. First along the river, through seventies suburbia, and finally into the fields.

A pair hikers made us feel underdressed and underprepared — a feeling only enhanced by the March wind. Their smallish dog turned out to be large-ish cat, and not theirs at all.

Next, pathway-spotting in fallow fields — telltale flattened Earth and grass, or a possible signpost on the far edge of a field.

The occasional misstep — some due to outdated ordnance survey, others self-inflicted (why walk one side of a field when you can walk three?) — a private garden all small trees and daffodils — perfect picniclands.

Before long, Greenstead Green for lunch before the return leg — a different, more direct route back to our lodgings, though not before a diversion of hungry goats eager for unreachable grass.

The wind bit all the more before the shelter of the suburbs. Finally, a shower of blossom.

Things seen:

  • One rabbit
  • One cat (as mentioned)
  • One stile
  • Three churches
  • A curious tower (so far uninvestigated)
  • More field than strictly necessary

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